Ugandans are ready for popular uprising

Greetings fellow Ugandans and friends

The verdict is out – loud and clear. The February 2011 presidential, parliamentary and local elections were massively rigged – there were many imperfections including lack of level a playing field and using public funds for NRM campaigns. The results are illegitimate. Therefore, governments at the central and local levels formed out of these illegitimate elections are also illegitimate, unacceptable and rejected by the people of Uganda.

Western congratulatory messages that have come in so far should be interpreted with a grain of salt.

The people of Uganda have decided to bring the new governments down through peaceful demonstrations, making room for a coalition transitional government to prepare for free and fair elections at presidential, parliamentary and local levels.

The massive election rigging has driven the last nail in Museveni’s presidency. He is no longer the darling of the west. Corruption, sectarianism, failure of structural adjustment, plunder of Congolese resources, interference in neighbors’ political affairs and alleged genocide of Hutu people in DRC by Uganda troops have immensely diminished his credibility.

The west has been sending messages of discontent with Museveni’s regime which we need to take into account as we drive him and NRM out of power.

Museveni and his security forces must desist from obstructing, inconveniencing or even using force against peaceful demonstrators which are a fundamental human right of Ugandans. No mercenaries should step on Uganda’s soil. The Uganda security forces can no longer commit crimes with impunity. From now on we expect army spokesman to issue statements confirming that the army will not interfere with peaceful demonstrations.

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has made it clear that a person who commits the crime of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression shall be individually responsible and liable for punishment.

A commander who fails to supervise his subordinates who commit crimes will be held individually accountable and punished.

Ugandans are compiling a list of security forces that are committing crimes and will be held individually responsible and brought to justice at an appropriate moment.

During peaceful demonstrations the role of the police is to maintain law and order, not to interfere on behalf of the government. In this regard, Uganda’s Inspector-General of Police Major General Kale Kayihura’s press release dated February 26, 2011 seems misplaced in respect of spontaneous and peaceful demonstrations. Peaceful demonstrations whether planned or spontaneous cannot be declared unlawful. Kayihura’s press release has the potential of frustrating peaceful demonstrations. He should be held individually accountable should human rights be violated as a result of this press release.

Finally, we advise foreign governments and corporations not to enter into contracts with governments formed out of these rigged and illegitimate elections.

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