UDU Congratulates Winniefred Kiiza on her election to parliament

Press statement

On behalf of UDU, I congratulate most warmly Hon. Winniefred Kiiza on her election as a Member of Parliament for Kasese district. Your resounding success is testimony to your campaigning skills which hopefully you will transform into debating skills in parliament to benefit the women of Kasese district that gave you a list of what they want you to accomplish for them. Remember that as MP you now represent all women of Kasese district. I wish also to congratulate FDC for supporting Winniefred to an election that is reported to have taken place in a relatively free and fair atmosphere.

UDU also thanks NRM, security forces and electoral commission for providing conditions that facilitated campaigning and casting of ballots, counting and announcing results.

If recent by-elections are any guide, then Uganda is about to join other countries where democracy is taking root and people are given the opportunity to choose their representatives and hold them accountable for their commissions and omissions. What is needed now is to improve on voter registration, creation of an independent electoral commission, standardization of campaign finance and restoration of term limits in preparation for 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections.

Let me end by noting that when fear wears off, as is happening in Uganda, positive results occur. Furthermore, when opposition parties and groups work together they generate a critical mass that lifts the jointly endorsed candidate to success. At the diplomatic level, UDU has worked tirelessly to help level the playing field.

Eric Kashambuzi

Secretary General & Chief Administrator, UDU