What is a just war?

It simply means that war might, in certain circumstances, be both politically necessary and morally justifiable. A just war is based on two concepts: jus ad bellum resort to war and jus in bello conduct of war.

Before a just war begins some conditions must be fulfilled:

1. There must be a just cause or right intention. The purpose of a war must be to right a wrong which has been committed (self-defense against unlawful aggression would be considered just), and the ultimate objective must be peace;

2. The use of armed force must always be considered a last resort;

3. The resort to war is the preserve of legitimate authority – an arbitrary act of an individual cannot be considered just;

4. There must be good prospects, no matter what the grievance , if war is likely to be a wasted effort, it should not be undertaken;

5. There should always be a sense of proportion between ends and means. That is the good to be achieved through war must outweigh the damage and harm to be endured (Richard Holmes 2001).

What UDU and now The Hague Process (THP) has been advocating fits into the definition of a just war and the conditions that must be fulfilled and the anticipated outcomes. What is even more important about just war is that an individual like Kafero or Sejusa just can’t declare a war. But that is what is happening. Kafero and Sejusa have no authority. The majority of the people of Uganda have rejected war. The People Power will prevail if only we could have patriotic leadership that puts Uganda and her people first.

Fellow Ugandans I am doing all I can to save Uganda from another reckless and likely very costly war. I am convinced that if patriotic Ugandans get together we can defeat NRM without firing a shot. But our discussions are disrupted by war mongers led by Sejusa and Kafero who are Machiavellian in the sense that the end (becoming president) justifies the costs of the war however catastrophic. This is unacceptable and all Ugandans should not accept. Ugandans have sovereign authority. If you choose to back another war then you should be accountable for the outcomes. My job is to highlight the dangers of unjust war.

Eric Kashambuzi