Sejusa’s FUF has serious deficits that have crippled it from the start

Sejusa who has been living in London since May 2013 privately launched the Freedom and Unity Front (FUF) in London in December 2013 with handpicked participants that included a non-Ugandan believed to be an adviser to Yoweri Museveni. There is speculation that some (if not all) of the participants could be ESO agents that Sejusa used while he was head of ESO and ISO, the equivalent of CIA and FBI respectively. Efforts to get the list of those participants have so far yielded no results. We urge Sejusa to release the list to the public soonest.

What also needs to be known is that Sejusa is the sole founder of FUF, a very unusual and disturbing arrangement in the formation of political organizations in time and space.

The FUF conference got off to a bad start when a participant (Monique Wyatt) who had been officially admitted into the conference hall was forced out of the room apparently for asking unexpected but legitimate questions about Sejusa’s alleged criminal activities in Northern Uganda including when he was head of Operation North – a scorched-earth policy to destroy any living object in the air, on land and under water – and escorted to the boundary of the conference premises by security forces, clearing the confusion that she had stormed out of the conference hall on her own.

It is also confirmed, contrary to earlier statements, that Monique was not thrown out of the hall by her Northern conference participants only but by a combination of Northern and non-Northern participants. Furthermore, it is not Sejusa who had suggested that Monique should be allowed to stay in the room. It is Prof. Moussavi, the non-Ugandan conference participant (presumably a supporter of human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals) believed to be an adviser to both Museveni and Sejusa.

The FUF Manifesto has been variously described as a replica of NRM policy position or an incomplete document pieced together possibly in a hurry without much analysis and substance; lacking broad scope and sector interconnectedness. Above all the manifesto lacks an implementation strategy – totally! It is stated that FUF’s mission is to mobilize a critical mass of supporters employing ecumenical doctrine which implies mobilizing Christians only. The manifesto contains an element of appeasement loosely inserted targeting a particular group of Ugandans when it refers to the 1962 constitution. What FUF intends to do with this critical mass once it has been mobilized – if it will – is unclear, lending strong support that the purpose as many Ugandans believe and more are joining in is to destroy NRM opposition in the diaspora and save NRM from total collapse.

Another piece of evidence that Sejusa and FUF are about the destruction of opposition to the NRM in the diaspora is that FUF in Uganda is unknown and Sejusa has virtually been forgotten according to a recent article in Uganda’s Observer newspaper. Additionally, Sejusa has limited support only in Parliament, military, security services and senior officials in the government. There appears to be no support for him from the general public.

That Sejusa has not deserted NRM and fled Uganda for fear of his life because he opposes the project to impose Muhozi Kainerugaba as the next president of Uganda is supported by the fact that he has continued to behave as an NRM official. He has insisted on wearing his military uniform and continues to use NRM language of calling opponents of NRM insane, bankrupt and sectarian for intimidation purposes. He has refused to answer questions to test whether or not he deserted NRM. He has also refused to appear on radio programs such as those presented by Radio Munansi.

There are also reports (subject to confirmation) that Sejusa is still communicating with senior members of NRM. It has also been alleged and not denied by Sejusa that Museveni deposited $1 million on his Swiss bank account. That Sejusa and Museveni are advised by the same Prof. Moussavi of Oxford University is an indication that Sejusa hasn’t deserted NRM and possibly he is still reporting to Museveni.

Contrary to popular belief that Sejusa is a refuge in London trying to unseat the NRM regime, the evidence at our disposal points in the direction that Sejusa is in London on duty to destroy the opposition that is growing stronger and getting better organized and coordinating with opposition forces at home thereby worrying NRM, witness donor significant withdrawal of support to NRM regime which started before Sejusa landed in London, destroying statements that Sejusa is a game changer from his base in the diaspora.

Those who have a conflict of interest including Lawrence Nsereko also known as Kiwanuka based on his reports in Los Angeles and Boston meetings in 2011 of his and his wife’s arrest and severe torture under security forces including when Sejusa was head of ISO and ESO should withdraw themselves from any involvement with Sejusa. And those who are attempting to defend Sejusa in the media should produce convincing evidence. Generalized and emotional speeches won’t do at all.

Upon reading this article, we request Sejusa to respond if he thinks our reporting is inaccurate. We believe strongly that Ugandans should be presented with accurate and balanced information to enable them take informed decisions. Silence on the part of Sejusa will be interpreted as consent.

Eric Kashambuzi