Education key to economic and social transformation and sustainability

From time immemorial education has played a major role in transformation of societies and landscapes. Education has been valued and supported through public and private efforts. Individuals or families have donated land, materials like books, computers, laboratory equipment and/or money. In countries or societies where the culture of giving is treasured many schools, universities and institutes have been built or expanded through donations. Some donate labor during construction or maintenance time, others offer their skills like architects or engineers and yet others provide advice in designing the curriculum and/or money. This is the spirit of giving for free in the interest of the common good. You don’t have to be rich. You just need to have the spirit of giving a bit of what you have as we do during church service. It is voluntary.

It is in this spirit that my family built a church in our community in Rwentondo Parish of Kagunga sub-county of Rujumbura county of Rukungiri district in southwest Uganda.

As I announced recently, I have decided on behalf of my family to donate free of charge land in Kebisoni in Rukungiri district to build a university or institute. The land is available immediately once the formalities have been completed through a memorandum of understanding or something like that that constitutes a binding agreement.

It is proposed that this project should be managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of government, private sector, youth/student and my family representatives. The Board should determine in consultation with the public what courses should be taught. However, whatever is taught must include theory and good practices to give graduates knowledge and skills to fit into the labor market that has become globalized and compete successfully anywhere in the world. The teaching should be designed in such a manner that graduates can start their own enterprises provided facilitation arrangements such as credit and/or technology on reasonable terms are put in place.

I call on the government of Uganda, Rukungiri District Council, Rukungiri Members of Parliament, business sector, youth and civil society organizations to champion this worthy cause in the interest of humanity initially serving students in the Great Lakes region.

Until the Board of Trustees has been created I shall continue to be the focal point for this project. I can be reached on this page, or at [email protected]. All suggestions are welcome.

For God and My Country

Eric Kashambuzi

May 31, 2015