Museveni’s time is running out

The people of Uganda want their country, dignity and liberty back. Ipso facto, they want Museveni out no matter what others may say.

First, the good news is that Ugandans have finally realized who Museveni is and why he has divided Ugandans up and trampled on their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights with impunity. Museveni fought a guerrilla war on Buganda territory with foreign and mercenary backing. Some 25 percent of guerrilla fighters were Tutsi mostly from Rwanda – Museveni’s cousins. Museveni tortured a Muhima man who wanted to know the guerrillas in their midst that spoke a strange language. Museveni tortured this man to put an end to that kind of questioning.

Lest we forget here are a few names of Tutsi who commanded the guerrilla war and served in Uganda’s army. Fred Rwigyema, major-general of NRA and its deputy commander – Museveni being the commander, Paul Kagame a major in NRA and head of intelligence and counter-intelligence, Dr. Peter Baingana a major and head of the NRA medical services, Chris Bunyenyezi a major and commanding officer of NRA’s 306 brigade and major Sam Kaka commanding officer of the NRA’s military police. Some returned to Rwanda in 1994 after the fall of Habyarimana regime. Some have returned to govern Uganda with Museveni.

Second, the incorporation of Rwanda and Burundi into the East African Community which Museveni pushed has enabled Batutsi from Rwanda and Burundi and Banyamulenge to enter Uganda in large numbers. Because of relations between Museveni and Kagame, Bahutu have avoided coming to Uganda lest they are forced back into Rwanda. So, it is Batutsi and Banyamulenge (Batutsi in DRC) that are entering Uganda in large numbers, witness daily busloads from Rwanda and Burundi. Eight buses depart Bujumbura for Uganda daily! Museveni has also permitted large immigrants into Uganda of Somalis that falsely maintain that they belong to Museveni’s ethnic group.

These foreigners are occupying strategic positions in the security forces, government departments and are active in the business sector. Museveni is creating another Ivory Coast before our eyes!

Third, Museveni has treated Uganda and Ugandans as a conquered country and people – crushing our pride in the process. He has ruled with absolute authority as the French kings did during the ancien regime. He has divided Uganda into three estates (groups) of nobility (his family and relatives, in-laws and cousins); an assortment of appointees who have no power except to defend the first family in return for temporary but comfortable jobs, salaries and allowances; and 98 percent of Ugandans that are lumped into the third estate – peasants and urban workers. This group is made up largely of the poor, unemployed, hungry, illiterate, the sick and vulnerable. But there is also a substantial number of the elite who are articulating the demands of the third estate – and the message is catching on.

Fourth, Ugandans have recognized that without their consent Museveni cannot govern – whether he is recognized and facilitated by foreign countries or not. Mubarak and Ali could not govern because the people refused although the two men had strong western support. Therefore, the final decision is with the people of Uganda who must not rest until Museveni is out. The rigged re-election should bring Ugandans closer together. It could be a blessing in disguise.

Through polls Museveni discovered that he is very unpopular and would not win in a free and fair electoral contest. Because the military strategy he has used in the past was not going to work this time (he was warned by some western powers not to try it again) and because rigging would not give him enough votes, Museveni decided to ferry in Tutsi relatives from Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania. How else could Ntungamo – Museveni’s home district – register over two million voters and Kawempe (a section of Kampala) over one million voters! He also decided to disenfranchise the bulk of indigenous Uganda voters and bribe the rest heavily using a handpicked and pro-Museveni electoral commission and a source of funds yet to be known. This is blatant fraud which should have been condemned by western advocates of democracy! What has become clear is that western imposed periodic elections have not served the interests of Uganda.

Unlike in the past when Museveni and his Supreme Court silenced the dissenting voices of Ugandans, the story is different this time. Ugandans are now more enlightened and emboldened than before. They have rediscovered their power to make and unmake presidents. That is why they have overwhelmingly rejected the presidential results of February 18, 2011 elections. The Commonwealth observer and most diversified group concurred when it declared that the presidential contest lacked a level playing field.

Ugandans have decided that Museveni must go (although foreigners may want to retain him). We appeal to presidential candidates who lost not to go to court because the verdict is clear – Museveni will win. The Supreme Court is under his control.

There is too much suffering in Uganda including the youth, and especially women who toil every day to put food on the table. The rest of the world will support us when it realizes that we are determined to get rid of Museveni. So, do not get discouraged because some foreign countries have recognized him. Black South Africans were told that they will never get liberated because the apartheid regime was very strong militarily and had solid external support. We now know what happened in 1994.

What we need is to unite as one nation and move fast. This is our moment. There are two options of getting Museveni out: a popular uprising or an armed confrontation. These two options are under discussion now – there is no secret about it. To avoid bloodshed, a popular uprising against the regime involving all Ugandans including security forces would be preferable. There must be an inner conviction on all of us that this is the right thing to do. Sacrifices cannot be ruled out. Let the world hear our voices of dissent and defiance and understand our message that we shall not rest until Museveni is gone. Wherever we are, let us connect with one another and demonstrate against Museveni’s rigged re-election. It is in the interest of our children to do so. Keeping quiet does not help. Silence could mean consent. And let us strike while the iron is still hot.

To minimize casualties, we appeal to Uganda security forces that took an oath to defend the citizens of Uganda to join their brothers and sisters against Museveni who has become an aggressor. His increasing reliance on foreigners is a stark warning of what will happen if we do not move fast. Ivory Coast story is still fresh in our minds.

Your joining a popular uprising will not be the first time security forces have sided with the people. During the French, Iranian, Ethiopian, Tunisian and Egyptian etc revolutions, security forces sided with the people and they won! In the current struggle in Libya, it is mercenaries that are killing Libyans because many Libyan armed forces have joined the people!

We appeal especially to Nyakairima and Kayihura to use your professionalism and defend the people of Uganda. That is your raison d’etre – your mission. You must execute it with honor and conviction. You will be rewarded here on earth and in heaven.

Let us remember: to succeed we must overcome fear because fear is the number one enemy of success. We must also keep in mind that Uganda will be liberated by Ugandans. Don’t wait for foreigners. They will join us when they realize we are winning!

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