Message from UDU Chairman

Dear Members of UDU:

    Attached please find an essay explaining the nature, history and causes of our political problems in Uganda. The essay is long and therefore those of you who do not have time to go through the entire essay may choose to read the diagnosis and the prognosis. The prognosis will show you that democratization is far more complex and difficult than many of us have assumed; it involves more than removing a bad regime from power. Democratization involves changing the entire society. This is an issue I find many people have yet to understand. Our problems are more than Museveni.

    One of the problems Uganda is facing today is corruption. In my opinion there is no prospect of solving the problem of corruption in Uganda without regime change. I request that this problem be taken seriously and I would appreciate any comments from you on this subject. Because corruption is deeply institutionalized within the NRM regime democratization cannot take while NRM is in power.

    Some of you may be skeptical about writing about these problems. But if we study history carefully we shall discover that human problems cannot be effectively solved without studying them carefully. In this respect I want to thank the Secretary General of UDU, Mr. Eric Kashambuzi, who has devoted a lot of time analyzing the economic problems Uganda is facing today. Eric’s contribution is appreciated and has provoked many useful responses.

    Hopefully members of NRM will read my message and appreciate the fact they are a major part of the problem. The internal struggles within NRM are a good signal indicating that a party which professes to be “multi-ideological” is not as coherent and as united as many people have assumed. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end. Hence, the importance of my message.

Wishing all of you good health and a prosperous year.

Yours truly,

    Mubiru Musoke

Chairman, UDU

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