Brief resume of Eric Kashambuzi for easy reference

Full name: Eric Michael Kashambuzi

Place of birth:

Nyarurambi village, Rwentondo parish, Kagunga County, Rukungiri district in South West Uganda

Father: Rev/Canon Samwiri Kashambuzi served the Anglican Church of Uganda attaining the rank of Archdeacon;

Marital status;

I have been married to Gertrude Kashambuzi for over forty years.


1. Nyakaina (Buyanja), Kashenyi (Ruhinda) primary school from grade 1 to grade 4 in Rukungiri district;

2. Kinyasano (Kagunga) primary school (grade 4 to grade 6) and secondary education from grade 7 to grade 8) in Rukungiri district;

3. Senior secondary (O Level) at Butobere School in Kigezi district and (A Level) at Ntare School in Ankole;

4. Undergraduate (University of East Africa: Nairobi campus) studied Geography, History and Economics in first year. Did Geography in second and third years (a 3:1:1 combination for honors students) and earned Upper Second Honors Degree;

5. Graduate (University of California, Berkeley campus) studied concurrently and graduated in Economics and Demography;

6. Post graduate (University of Lusaka Zambia) International Law and International Relations/Diplomacy

7. Self-trained in World History beyond first year as undergraduate student

Work experience:

1. Research and teaching Assistant in Geography at the University of East Africa, Nairobi campus. I drew up the population map for the 1969 Kenya census under the supervision of Prof. Simeon Ominde and Bill Martin Nairobi City District Commissioner and taught Cartography under the supervision of Prof. Richard Odingo;

2. Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Economics University of Nairobi, Kenya supervised by Profs. Bell and Hayer;

3. Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Economics at the University of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (evening classes);

4. Advisor on population activities in Kenya and Ethiopia;

5. Economist in the first East African Community;

6. Senior Economist with the African, Caribbean and Pacific States (ACP) for the Lome Convention negotiations with the European Economic Community (EEC) in Brussels, Belgium

7. United Nations Development Program (UNDP). I served in Ethiopia, Zambia and Swaziland country offices;

8. Since 1985 served UNDP in New York in the Africa Bureau covering West Africa; Eastern and Central Africa; Southern Africa and Regional Program working with African Union, Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and African Development Bank;

9. In External Relations Bureau of UNDP I served as Focal Point and Liaison to the United Nations General Assembly Affairs, Economic and Social Affairs (ECOSOC) and Security Council Affairs;

10. I served in the Secretariat of the UNDP/UNFPA Executive Board

11. I served in the Secretary General’s Millennium Project as the External Relations Officer and Liaison with the United Nations General Assembly and ECOSOC on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs);

12. I served in the Millennium Promise for MDGs as the External Relations and Liaison Officer with the United Nations General Assembly and ECOSOC;

13. I served as an expert on AU mission to DRC, Burundi and Rwanda;

14. Currently I am a consultant with the United Nations Foundation and Center on International Cooperation of New York University on Post-2015 Development Agenda (2016-2030).

Research and Publication:

I have written ten books.

1. Critical Issues in African Development;

2. The Paradox of Hunger and Abundance;

3. Africa’s Lost Century;

4. The Failure of Governance in Africa;

5. World Leaders at the United Nations;

6. Uganda’s Development Agenda;

7. Rethinking Africa’s Development Model;

8. Defying Poverty Through Struggle;

9. For Present and Future Generations;

10. Fifty Years Ago: Lessons from My Research and Writing.

Guest and Keynote speaker:

1. Guest Speaker to African students at Columbia University;

2. Guest Speaker to African students at MIT and Harvard;

3. Guest Speaker to African at McGill University;

4. Guest Speaker to African students at Mount Holyoke College;

5. Guest Speaker at UNAA Conference in New York;

6. Guest Speaker at the Uganda Federalism conference in London;

7. Guest Speaker at The Hague Conference in 2013

8. Keynote Speaker at the Banyakigezi Conference in New York;

9. Keynote Speaker at the Tropical African Conference in London;

10. Keynote Speaker at the U.S.- Africa Conference on Trade and Investment: Los Angeles, California, USA

Political Activities:

1. President of the African Students Association at Berkeley, California;

2. Secretary General United Democratic Ugandans (UDU) and principal author of UDU’s National Recovery Plan (NRP). We have a website on UDU activities:

3. Active participant in The Hague Process on Peace, Security and Development in Uganda and principal author of The Hague Process roadmap, strategy and methodology for non-violent resistance in Uganda;

4. I am actively engaged in diplomatic networking to unseat NRM regime by non-violent means in the first instance.

Mass media;

1. For three years I broadcasted in the English program on radio Munansi every Saturday and Sunday;

2. I created a blog:

Economic activities in Uganda:

1. Farming: crop cultivation and ranching;

2. Tree planting for multiple purposes including providing construction timber, fuel wood and reforestation to protect fragile water catchment areas and steep slope ecosystems;

3. Real estate.

Community service

1. Constructed spring wells in Nyarurambi to provide clean water to community members;

2. Built a Church for community members in Nyarurambi.

For God and My Country

Eric Kashambuzi

August 2014