Uganda opposition groups must disclose their strategies and structures

There are many Ugandans as individuals and groups that are participating in public criticism of NRM lack of transparency and accountability but they refuse to identify who they are by real names or what they stand for and how they are organized and funded.

Those especially in military organizations have argued that because of security considerations, their activities including recruitment and organizational structures will remain secret until NRM is removed from power. They will continue to raise funds but will not disclose how much and how they are used. Such groups have no moral standing to oppose NRM when they are behaving the same. In both cases transparency and accountability are missing.

NRM which unseated the Okello regime informed the Uganda people and others what its strategy was and its administrative structure. And the leadership was known by their real names. Lule, Museveni, Kisekka and late Kategaya etc never used fake names. Even the military commanders and leaders of external committees etc were known. NRM began publishing its work from August 1981 until December 1985. See their publication titled Mission to Freedom (1990). Why are current organizations refusing to disclose their strategies and structure or reporting the successes they have made so far?

In his article on the military strategy of NRA Museveni spelled out what they were doing. NRM also disclosed its organizational structure as follows:

The National Resistance Council composed of civilian and military members. It had four Sub-committees:

1. Finance and Supplies;

2. Political and diplomatic;

3. Public and propaganda;

4. The External committee.

UDU has its published strategy in the National Recovery Plan (NRP) and its committee that runs the affairs of the umbrella organization.

At our meeting in The Hague we agreed to focus on: mobilization, media, program/think tank, fund raising and legal. Once this arrangement has been endorsed at the next meeting we shall officially inform the public. We have also agreed to set up a leadership team that will be announced once agreed upon that will work in a transparent manner and be held accountable for omissions and commissions.

We appeal to those organizations and individuals working publically to unseat NRM to come forward and let us have their profiles and philosophies or strategies and organizational structures.

Eric Kashambuzi, UDU