The people of South Sudan have been fighting since 1955

Those of us who don’t know, the people of South Sudan had fought for some fifty years since 1955 except for a short period of ten years.

It is generally known after a common enemy has been defeated, groups that had fought together begin to develop differences about how to govern themselves and at times some conflicts emerge. So what is happening in South Sudan is not an isolated incident. What we should be doing is to help them solve their differences peacefully.

What Uganda army is doing in South Sudan to join one side and fight the other side is not the way to mediate. We understand the United Nations Secretary General called President Museveni to mediate. We are also told that the President of South Sudan invited Museveni to help him defeat the Riek Machar opposition group.

Since Uganda presence in the country is not mediating but fighting on the side of the government the United Nations and the AU need to discuss how to deal with Uganda troops. It might be useful that Uganda troops withdraw and UN Peace Keepers increase their presence.

The continuation of conflicts may draw in other countries escalating the war that could even spread to the region that is already suffering massive inflow of refugees straining their limited resources.

The people of South Sudan need a break. Peace loving Ugandans and others should apply pressure on the UN, AU and IGAD to ask Uganda to withdraw its troops from South Sudan.

Eric Kashambuzi

Secretary General, UDU