Museveni has no legitimacy to govern in Uganda

Museveni has repeatedly stated that the people of Uganda are sovereign. Ipso facto, Museveni cannot govern without their consent. There has to be a contract between him and the citizens of Uganda. Without this contract, Museveni has no legitimacy. Without legitimacy at home, Museveni and his government cannot be recognized abroad and welcome into the community of nations. Thus, without legitimacy, Museveni cannot represent the people of Uganda abroad or enter into agreement (contract) on their behalf. Museveni may have power through the barrel of the gun, but that does not confer legitimacy. Using power without legitimacy is tyranny.

The people of Uganda have withheld consent because the 2011 elections from the highest to the lowest level lacked a level playing field. They were organized by a discredited electoral commission, some five million Uganda voters were disenfranchised, an equal number of foreigners voted for NRM, there was massive intimidation by security forces, and NRM used public resources to fund its campaigns. The international observer teams have concluded that the elections were not free and fair.

The presidential opposition candidates have not conceded defeat and have stayed away from the Supreme Court because it has lost independence and credibility. Therefore Museveni cannot be sworn in because the election results are illegitimate. This political impasse can be resolved by having a transitional coalition government of all stake holders to prepare for fresh elections. Politicians that will accept positions in the coalition government should take oath that they will not compete in the next elections. That way none will take political advantage of their position in the transitional government.

While the efforts by church leaders to find a political solution are appreciated, it must be understood that impartiality is very important. The objective and outcome must also be clearly stated. The objective is to create a transitional government – not a cabinet of national unity – that prepares for free and fair elections by Uganda voters only – no foreign voters please! The exercise must be transparent and fully participatory. To avoid complications later on, Ugandans want to know what the terms of reference are, who is representing NRM, opposition and religious groups.

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