A civil war is possible in Uganda

Concerned citizens of Uganda including me wish to warn the world as I have done before that there might be a civil war in Uganda seeing what has happened in Central African Republic where a minority group seized power by force as NRM has done in Uganda since 1986 and what is happening in South Sudan.

When people are tired, hungry and unemployed and nothing is done to ease their suffering they resort to war because they have nothing to lose. They would rather die with dignity instead of going down like sheep.

Those who don’t want to take corrective action at home and abroad reason that Ugandans are docile and are scared of the sound of a gun or when you bribe their leaders you silence the entire group that is in pain. That’s what used to be said of Egyptians until a few years ago. Let us learn from the Egyptian experience that dormant people can erupt into a deadly volcano. Uganda is about to blow up. It is a spark that is waiting to start a wild fire and it doesn’t give a warning.

We can prevent that if what I have been proposing is listened to and heeded:

1. Form a transitional government soonest including all Ugandans except those directly responsible for the suffering of Ugandans whether still in or out of government. The government should be headed by a presidential commission of four people each representing one region;

2. Conduct a population census to know exactly how many and who we are;

3. Convene a national conference so that Ugandans discuss how they want to be governed;

4. Organize a free and fair multi-party elections based on an independent electoral commission, an independent vetting commission for presidential and parliamentary elections, standardize campaign funds so that all candidates at presidential level have the same amount as well as at the parliamentary level. That way bribery and cheating will be eliminated and elected leaders will be accountable to voters not sponsors.

Eric Kashambuzi